Another Monday, a new start.

I have decided to convert. After a couple of months on Blogspot, I didn’t find it that easy to use and so went in search of something better. Along came! Hopefully I will use this more often too.

So a quick summary of my life at present:

  • New job! A lot different from whatever i’ve done before, so i’m in unfamiliar territory. It’s not something I will be doing for a long time but it will sustain me for the time being and i’m in a much better atmosphere…. I hope.
  • Shopping till I almost drop. Yes this is something I really need to calm down on. I’ve gone a bit crazy in the last couple of weeks, but in small stages. Instead I should wait and go on big splurges; binge shopping. It works with food, you feel so sick afterwards that you can’t do it again for ages.
  • My cat, Bagheera:

  • Attempting to save for a decent digital camera. It’s not going very well.
  • Getting other people to cook me food. This mostly involves going out with friends to good restaurants, which suits me fine.
  • Tomato Ketchup.
  • Being single. I can’t see this ever changing in the near future.
  • My Blackberry. Why I ever thought I didn’t need one is beyond me.
  • Planning as many adventures as possible, which leads me to…….


In two months time!I really need to start saving.

Here’s to bigger and better things!

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