Flicking through magazines, looking at posters in shops… I immediately feel bad about myself. They always look so perfect. Beautiful bodies, fantastic skin – no blemishes whatsoever. However, I have to keep reminding myself that it’s all airbrushing.

Prime example:

I also felt better after I saw some pictures of Lauren Conrad – who I will be the first to admitt, is beautiful and a natural beauty. But I have a general insecurity about my knees and thus put off wearing clothes that show them because of this. However, her knees are no different to my own.

Although she does have a much better tan than me. I went into Hollister tonight and got angry because I don’t live in California and I wish i did. It’s probably a complete misapprehension that people who live there experience amazing weather every day, thus leading them to constantly wear bikini’s but I will continue to believe this rumour and dream about escaping from the gloom of England.

Despite that, Manchester was glorious today and so I made a picnic for me and my friend, and we went to the park around the corner to eat and play.


Andddddd the actual picnic :)

I have no plans for tomorrow but I hope it will be another sunny day so I can sit in the park, read and listen to music.


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