I finally took the plundge!

I bought this today.

Anyone who knows me, will know i’ve wanted an SLR digital camera for some time. I’ve long been frustrated with my rubbish Samsung camera. I’ve hated it ever since I bought it. In all fairness, I bought it because I lost my previous Olympus camera (which I LOVED) and despite being a bog standard digital camera, took some great pictures. I had tried to buy the same one again, but it had been discontinued.

ANYWAY, after trawling through ebay for weeks I decided to go to Currys and Comet to actually play with some. Alas, I decided to get a brand new one along with a 5 year warranty, due to my ability of breaking every technology based object I own (my laptop is currently falling apart after buying it a year ago). I’ve been playing with it for the past hour, ignoring the manual and doing my usual thing of pressing buttons until i’ve figured it out myself. I really wanted a decent camera to take with me to New York City. Using my crappy Samsung in the big apple would have made me cry. However, as I was waiting for the guy to get everything together I glanced at all the tv’s in the shop and realised I was spending twice the amount on a camera and going home to a television that weighs about a ton. I do really need to get a good flatscreen tv – but that will have to wait until the end of the year.

Anyway, I only messed around with it my flat but next weekend i’ll get out and about and find out what it can really do!

These pictures make it clear to me it’s time for me to do my roots.

Thankfully I bought a dye this afternoon.

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2 Responses to I finally took the plundge!

  1. sarajaner says:

    Cool! I’ve always wanted to buy a DSLR too…I’m just not sure what type to get! I’ve had a normal digital camera for ages and although it’s nothing special I too get some great pictures from it. It’s been dying a LOT recently (turning off randomly, freezing up), so I’m looking at new ones… hehe congrats on the new camera

    • hey!! oooh it took me so long to decide which one to get! i hope i made the right choice, so many different people we’re telling me “nooo get nikon/get canon!” but generally the lenses for nikon are really expensive. i thought ahead.

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