Highs and Lows.

The highs of my weekend:

  • lie-ins
  • eating till I feel sick
  • going to the beach with Kira the wolfhound.
  • watching movies

The lows of my weekend:

  • what all the junk food will do to me
  • getting so angry at my sat nav, that I had to stop on the motorway and scream
  • taking Bagheera home to my mums :( i’m not joking, I shed some tears and felt so guilty because she hates it there. I hate my landlord.

To try and cheer myself up, here are some pictures of me and Kira.

She is a stunning dog. It makes me want to get my own house so much, just so I can get a dog. A dog like this would need a lot of time though and cannot be left alone on their own for long periods, so I guess I need to give up working too! Mostly though, I just want my cat back. Why did my landlord have to be such a moron? Some people hate cats so much. uughhhh *(&£_+(&$(£.

I was also looking through pictures from the coming SATC 2 movie coming out this month and Carrie has the Christian Louboutin shoes on that I wanted to buy in Paris.

If you can see them………..

I cannot wait for this movie!

Designer lust for today:


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