We always want what we can’t have.

I am going to New York City in less than a month now. Words cannot express how excited I am. I’ve recently been dreaming about NYC too, so I am ready physically and mentally for this trip. However, in the dream I had last week I was on my way to the airport in the taxi when suddenly I realised I didn’t have my passport with me :O mass panic sounds about right. Then I woke up and remembered I’m still in Manchester, in my bed. I’m going there with practically an empty suitcase and filling it up with amazingness. Me and my friend have already begun our research into places to eat, shop, play and dance. We’re going to Eleven Madison Park for a meal, the magnolia bakery, hopefully the theatre to see The Lion King and we wrote down some clubs but I can’t remember the names. Our satc tour tickets have been booked :) and that will also mean we’ll get taken around most of NYC on a bus. A good way of seeing some great places in New York, even if they are satc based. Sooooooo excited!

In other news, I went and got my hair cut for the first time in 13 months yesterday afternoon. Let’s just say my hair needed it! I talked about going back to blonde with my hairdresser and I told her i’d be back in a couple of months to get it done. I might just go a light brown/dark blonde to begin with. I also bought more items yesterday (hence the title) despite only going in two shops, I still managed to spend money. Ooooops!

This weekend:

Bag: New Look, Dress: Miss Selfridge – bought on sale ages ago but not worn until now!

Shoes: both from New Look.

My face :) unfortunately I didn’t have any great ideas, despite the lightbulb.

It is my birthday a week tomorrow- 25 years told :O I can’t believe it. I’ve booked a table for four of my friends in Didsbury at an Italian Restaurant that I liked the look of. Before that I’m spending the day in Wales with some animals. So I am greatly looking forward to next weekend.

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One Response to We always want what we can’t have.

  1. hollowstar says:

    You are gorgeous, and I love those white shoes!

    ~ J @ AlternativeHousewife.com ~

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