Birthday Girl.

Today I turned 25.

Quite hard to believe really. Nevertheless, I had a great weekend! On Saturday I went to the Zoo with Laura and it was MEGA hot. We both got sunburnt walking around, mostly because we kept getting lost. Then we came back to mine, got ready, more people came to mine and we went to the restaurant I booked for us in Didsbury. The restaurant itself was lovely and they made amazing cocktails but the service was terrible. Our waitress was just awful and we ended up getting free drinks because her manager saw herself how bad she was. Still, I had a great time. On Sunday I met up with Kate and we went to our favourite breakfast spot – Orlandos. I filled myself with a full english, then we went to West Didsbury and had milkshakes. It was still mega hot! Not long after that, we went to the park which was beautiful and listened to music in the sun. Today my actual birthday – I slept in for ages then went to the park around the corner from my flat and read a magazine in the sun. It wasn’t as hot as the weekend, but still hot enough for me to go red on my arms :) and then I FINALLY watched Avatar. Afterwards I went out for my dinner with Kate, to finish off the celebrations of my birthday.

Stuffing my face with goodness.

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5 Responses to Birthday Girl.

  1. Great Pics!

    Looks like a lot of fun =)


    Balkan Couture

  2. Josie says:

    Happy birthday! It looks like you had a fab day… That ice cream looks delicious!
    It’s my first time on your blog and I’m absolutely loving it — can’t wait for more!
    xxoo Josie

  3. Marcie says:

    I love these pictures! Happy b-day. I found you over at cupcakes and cashmere.

    Have a great 3 day weekend!

  4. thanks girls!
    i had a great birthday! so much better than last years, i spent the whole day hungover.

  5. Farah says:

    great blog i just found it today. nice pics!

    D E G A I N E

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