Sex and the City night.

So on Friday SATC 2 was released in the UK. Me and my friends have long been waiting for this film, and very sadly bought our cinema tickets a week previously to see it on opening night. We went to a Spanish Restaurant before the film and had a fantastic meal, then went to another bar before the cinema. Not suprisingly, we were all slightly tipsy by the time we sat down to watch the movie. I’m going to give it my own review, but we’ll come to that later. On Saturday I went to my first ever Circus! It was an all-man circus as I think animal ones are banned in this country, and rightly so. It was a very bizarre experience! Hardly anyone was there, and it was mostly people with children. However, the children made it for me with their reactions. I spent the rest of my bank holiday weekend shopping and with family. I had Monday Dinner today – it’s the new Sunday Dinner :D Next weekend I will be in London, and a week on Friday I am flying to NYC!  To say that i’m excited is an understatement.

The Circus!

Sex and the City 2 REVIEW: Now if you’re a woman/girl/gay man, then you probably have every single boxset from the satc series. If you’re like me, you’ll have at least one disc from each boxset placed in and around your DVD player as you swap and change between each season. Personally, season 4 is the one with the most amount of scratches but what can i say – Aiden is hot. The series changed a lot during it’s 6 seasons, but in a good way. The characters really developed, and they were always relatable. Hell, that’s why the TV show was, and still is so popular with women. Get a group of women together and get them talking about satc, and they’ll mostly be discussing which characters they are like the most and those “omg that totally happened to me that one time” moments from the show. I always say, if a man wants to understand a woman, he should watch every single satc episode!

While we loved the characters, of course we loved the fashion. Every single highstreet shop had their own style of Gladiator high heels after the first movie, not to mention copycats of the outfits too. However, it’s the friendship between the four main characters that we relate to the most.

SJP, Kim Catrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis seemed exhausted in this movie, tired of playing the same characters. To me, they just weren’t the girls we know so well. The problem is, where do you go after the happy ever after? The last film, although still unnecessary wrapped things up pretty well. Everyone got what they finally wanted, and I was also happy to see that Samantha split from Smith (Sam settling down? it just wouldn’t happen).

Knowing that they had tied in the loose ends, Michael Patrick King decided to base this movie soley on humour and his complete disregard of the beliefs of Muslims. The fifth character of the whole satc franchise was completely missing for the majority of the movie, which further leads us to believe King decided New York City didn’t provide him with a good enough storyline and thus, moved his setting to Abu Dhabi (or more precisly, Morocco). Now to anyone else, this would have sent up the red flag – the sex and no city? But King, and the bigwigs at New Line Cinema were beginning to run out of $50 notes to whip their asses with, and so he continued on his path to destroy the memory of something we hold so dear. However, it is pretty clear that this cow can be milked no more.

So let’s get straight to it.

Carrie, who should still be glowing with glee after finally bagging her Mr. Big after 10 years, is now feeling a 2 year marriage itch. She still wants to paint the town red – he wants to stay in after a hard days work and watch television. This small fact drives Carrie into crisis overload. Jeez woman, you’re in your 40’s – chill out. Miranda, who always amazed me with her ability of working 55 hours a week and still having time to shop/eat out with the girls/have sex is now once again settled in her marriage but is having problems with a sexist boss. That problem literally lasts 10 minutes into the film before she quits her job and that is that. Charlotte is THANK GOD still happy in her marriage to Harry (if they had split this couple up during this movie, I would have transformed into the Incredible Hulk in the Cinema and began to smash up chairs) however after wanting children in the whole time we’ve known her, now she’s realised she actually has to raise them (and with a fulltime Nanny might i add) and thus has come to conclusion it’s too hard for her. Samantha, well…. she’s still Samantha, but at 53 King really should have questioned whether “He’s the Lawrence of my Labia!” is really something anyone should be saying. Hello cringeworthy! It was clear that Samantha’s character was the one he had the least amount of ideas for, so instead attempted to make her as funny as possible. It was an epic fail. Alas, wanting to leave their troubles behind them in the beautiful city that is New York, they head for Abu Dhabi on a free PR trip provided by a prospective client of Samanthas. There, they do their best to offend the locals and their culture in the only possible way that any American can. Oh, and did I mention that Carrie and Aiden kiss? Yes who didn’t see that one coming! Carrie whilst guilt ridden confesses all to Big, who in return buys her a massive rock for her finger to remind her that she is a married woman. Yes, apparently her first wedding ring wasn’t expensive enough. And that as they say, is that.

It’s pretty clear to me (and well let’s face it, everyone) that this film was made merely for the money and not for the fans. It was made so that every Designer under the sun could throw up all over it, and while we have always drooled over Carrie’s wardrobe throughout the satc phenomenon it was never the be all and end all. And if i’m honest, the fashion in this film was horrendous regardless. The first movie had substance, it had a good storyline for each of the 4 characters. It moved us, enlightened us, it fulfilled that desire we had in wanting to go back into the sex and the city world. What could we relate to in this second movie? Well, unless you have an unlimited bank account, an appaulling sense of humour and a closet packed full of ridiculous costumes – not much. This movie made me realise Carrie is selfish, Charlotte needs to get a real job, Miranda needs to re-find her personality and Samantha needs to act her age. And if after all this, it is announced that there will be a Sex and the City 3 – then i’m hiring a hitman because Michael Patrick King needs to be shot.

All i know is i won’t be rushing out to buy the DVD. Instead (no doubt like many other woman, and gaymen) I will continue to flip between discs in each boxset, because the TV show is the only thing that keeps the real Sex and the City alive.

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6 Responses to Sex and the City night.

  1. carrie says:

    okay – that was a great review. even though i enjoyed some of the film i couldn’t help but notice it was a little forced – and everyone of them looked VERY TIRED (aka aged) – which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, however it leads one to wonder if they shouldn’t have just quit while ahead.

    i actually turned to the bf post-film and the first words out of my mouth were “i really hope they don’t make another one of those b/c those women looked BEAT”

    age is going to catch up to each of us, but hopefully while we’re not hollering about labias and running around open air muslim markets in ridiculous purple billowing skirts.

  2. thank you carrie, i’m glad that you liked it.
    it’s good to know that me and my friends weren’t the only ones who noticed that their hearts just weren’t in it anymore. i’m pretty gutted that they clearly looked at the script, saw that is was poor but decided to do it anyway (for the money, no doubt).

    everyone who took part in the making of this film should feel ashamed of themselves.

  3. I think now in the (almost) post recession era, everyone hates rich people. If this movie had come out during the boom, 6 years back, people would’ve gone nuts. But I agree, I think they became unrelatable. But, you know, it’s SATC. They’re still my GIRLS. AND I WILL STAND BY THEM, FOR GOD’S SAKES.

    • They were never relatable in relation to their lifestyles – they never seemed to actually work and earn the money that they were frequently spending in each episode. But – they were still fun to watch, because their relationship experiences, dramas and friendships were relatable. And we all wanted their lives. In this though, they clearly couldn’t be bothered and the friendship between them was exhausted. Not to mention as you said, they were completely rolling in it despite a recession. Perhaps they decided it didn’t exist in this movie.

  4. Elle Sees says:

    Thanks for the review!
    And I can’t believe you’re never been to a circus!

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