New York City

NYC has been and gone, and I must say – I’m rather gutted. I’ve wanted to go for so long and now it’s done. Still, I had a fantastic time! The city was everything I dreamed. I spent way too much and ate far too much food. I have certainly confined myself to my flat for the forseeable future because i’m poor but it was all worth it. We met up with a girl I know who lives there, called Cat and went out to a few bars in Greenwich Village. We shopped all down 5th Ave, and I abused Forever 21 and bought a Marc Jacobs bag from Saks. Marvelled at the Meat Packing District, and walked the full length of Bleecker St (if I was ever lucky enough to move to Manhatten, I would move to this area), went up the Empire State and became amazed at the views. We ate at Eleven Madison Park and embarrassed ourselves, but it was extremely funny. Steak, lots and lots of steak! And going to NYC just made me want my own dog even more.

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3 Responses to New York City

  1. It must have been a great holiday!!

  2. Nikki says:

    Great photos.
    Glad you loved it here!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. mina says:

    I just left NYC as well and these pictures make me miss it!

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