Llandudno and Conwy

I’ve not been posting in here much lately. I need to sort that out, but it’s mostly because i’m lazy and I haven’t been up to anything exciting. I’m still pretty bummed that NYC is over, but I can’t wait to go again (and I will). However, due to my frequent outburts in the many shops over there – I have sworn myself off shopping for the forseeable future. It is ridiculous though, I have lots of clothes already. I finally sorted out my laundry this weekend that had been pilling up SINCE New York, giving you a good idea of the size of my wardrobe.

In other news, my friend Chris decided to drive to North Wales yesterday and kindly asked me to go with him. So off we went to the little country. I hadn’t been to Wales since I was a little girl, as I use to go every year with my family on holiday. The weather was warm, but the sky was filled with clouds which was upsetting. It would have been a beautiful day otherwise, and whenever I saw a little bit of blue sky I got excited.  Any seaside town in the UK is always a strange place to be, lots of old people and strange coffee shops. We did get to climb a castle though and see some fantastic views. It was a good day, made even better when me and Kate went to see Eclipse in the evening.

And to add an “outfit” part to this post, here’s what I was wearing today (I love playsuits)

The bad thing about playsuits? Needing to go to the bathroom :(

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4 Responses to Llandudno and Conwy

  1. Elle Sees says:

    I’ve never been to there–only from a ferry! Love the romper.

  2. Farah says:

    Gorgeous pictures your so pretty!

    D E G A I N E


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