Various Inspirations.

Recently I have become obsessed with decorating. Even more so after talking with friends about owning our own homes and being able to do whatever we wanted. Seeing as I live in a rented flat, that option is not available to me. The furnitue I have was picked out by my landlord and thus here when I moved in. I mean, it could have been much worse. Everything matches and it white – obviously a good plain base for any room. Ooooh but how I long to buy beautiful wardrobes and paint the walls. OH and wallpaper! In one of my  previous bedrooms, I painted the wall that my bed rested against a deep red. It looked fantastic, and after moving twice since then I’ve kept my colour scheme to red, black and white. However, the problems in trying to hide from your landlord that you’d dis-obeyed the rules are just too great and i’ve never even put a picture on a wall since.

This hasn’t stopped me looking at some inspiration. I can surely still do something with where I live, without damaging any walls and making the best out of what i’ve been given.

I feel an IKEA trip coming on!

I’ve spent hours tonight pouring over home decoration blogs and sites, trying to get some idea of what I would want. I’ve always gone for “matchy-matchy” decorating before, but looking at some photos has made me realise that opposites can go well together, and mixing up really can work.

If only I had an empty house and lots of free time, I would love a project.

Furniture aside, I had myself a good weekend. I spent some more time with my flatmate, exploring the bars where I live and I travelled to Leeds to experience some Yorkshire nightlife. I drank a lot over the weekend and yet managed to avoid any hangovers. I think this might be due to lots of dancing and the pain inflicted by high heels. I was naughty all weekend and ate things that aren’t good for me. I have been going to the gym a lot but it doesn’t mean much when I still eat badly. However, I stopped off in Sainsburys on my way back to Manchester yesterday afternoon and bought lots of fresh goodness. Anyway, here’s a small selection of photos from this weekend as we were very very drunk!

Outfit: Dress – Forever21, Shoes – Dorothy Perkins, Bag – Chanel 2.55

And who I wish I looked like this week:

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