Favourite shoes.

When it comes to fashion, girls tend to specialise in an area (or two): bags, accessories, dresses, jackets and in my case – shoes. I love shoes, I can never have enough. However, I buy pairs and only wear them once because I always stick to my old faithfuls. You know, those shoes that never hurt once from the first moment you had them on your feet. The ones that look good with everything. Personally, I have two pairs of heels that I always end up wearing – my black Mary Jane Carvellas and my h&m brown lace-up shoe boots. And the rest get covered in dust. Despite my inevitable caving to my old faithfuls, I still buy more. This will never change.

(Oooh, and I messed around with my photo editor)

Outfit: Shirt – Primark, Jeans – Gap, Shoes – h&m, Headband – Forever 21

NOW in sorting through my shoes, I found these which I bought about 3 years ago now and they’re so cute. I decided to where them tonight, and I’ve promised myself I will wear all my shoes from now on. I love it when you find things you completely forgot about. It feels like you have something new again.

Tomorrow, lunch with my grandparents :)

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2 Responses to Favourite shoes.

  1. Looking beautiful as usual Gem!!

    Winter in Australia is usually very cold and wet – but it doesn’t snow in most places because of our closeness to sea-level, so it’s never as cold here in winter as in the UK or America for this reason.



  2. Elle Sees says:

    i wish i was so beautiful like you. wow!

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