If i’m in any clothes store, the one thing that will grab my attention from 100ft away is stripes. I love anything stripey, and I never get bored buying clothes with this pattern. I don’t know why, people always say that stripes aren’t that flattering and make you look wider than you actually are – which is true. But I love the simplicity of the pattern, and you don’t have to add much else to the look. Hoodies, jumpers, t-shirts, dresses – I have it all. Along with flowery skirts, it’s the one pattern I will never stop wearing no matter what the trend.

Outfit: Top – h&m, Jeggins – Warehouse, Shoes – Kurt Geiger

I felt like pulling funny faces. I also left my hair in a plait last night, and quite liked the wavey look I had this morning as a result.

Say goodbye to my dark brown hair, as it shall shortly be no more. I love my hair this colour, but i’m naturally blonde and the upkeep to my roots is insane. I want something that is easier to look after.

I also bought myself some new shoe boots yesterday from Kurt Geiger in Selfridges. I couldn’t say no, as they were from the autum/winter collection and reduced from £120 to £60 for one day only! I have them on above. They’re very similar to my Christian Louboutins, but not as high and thus easier to walk in!

I couldn’t find a picture of them on the KG website, but they look similar to these:

Very happy :D

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2 Responses to Stripes

  1. Abi says:

    Stripes are such a classic. Brightens up any outfit. You look adorable in your photos!

  2. Emma says:

    I completely agree, stripes never get old in my opinion!


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