Making plans.

Yes thank you :)

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7 Responses to Making plans.

  1. britishbride says:

    Loving your blog Gem. Its nice to find another english blogger. Cheers for your comments on my blog.


    • gembear says:

      you’re welcome. it’s brilliant the effort that you’ve made.
      you need to give me some tips! i go to the gym but still eat bad things.
      awwwh i bet you’re so excited for your wedding

  2. hey, great blog.
    i saw your comment on “BLAIR ON A BUDGET” about New York. I went in June for the first time too ! it was amazing huh? How long did you go for?
    and isn’t century 21 great !
    what kind of touristy things did you get up to?

    • gembear says:

      hey! thanks.
      i went for 6 days, although it really wasn’t long enough! i wish i could live there, unfortunately i’m a foreigner. literally packed everything into those days though, there weren’t enough hours in the day! i can’t wait to go back!
      what did you get up to while you were there?
      touristy, the usual – gold gate bridge, saw liberty island, the empire state, th museum of sex (oh yes), some of the satc locations through the tour, LOTS AND LOTS OF SHOPPING, times square etc etc.

  3. Lisa says:

    oh heading to cali? my god i could use a vacation!

  4. Kate says:

    hi hi!

    I just stumbled upon your sweet sweet blog and look forward to following your adventures in the future!

    xo, kate

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