This Weeks Wish List

I’ve banned myself from shopping, which ultimately leads me to want to go into town more than ever. However, the internet is the safer option as I can’t trust myself to window shop and i’m too lazy to find my wallet. I started off small then went big ending up on Here are some things I put together (my bookmarks has now tripled in size).
IN ORDER FROM THE TOP LEFT: asos dress, asos black platforms, forever21 heels, asos black lace dress, forever 21 woven top, ted baker bag.
Now to my favourite part….MORE SHOES! Mostly expensive, as well… they are the best.
FROM THE TOP LEFT: Diana Von Furstenburg, Christian Louboutin (I nearly bought these in Paris last January), Miu Miu Suede, Yves Saint Laurent, Forever 21 “Miu Miu’s”, Miu Miu Platforms.
I absolutely LOVE the forever21 Miu Miu’s and I wish I could buy them in England – why won’t the Forever21 in Birmingham open up already?! – I just can’t justify the postage from the US on shoes that are so cheap. I nearly bought some cat print Miu Miu’s in Barneys whilst in NYC but I had already splurged on a Marc Jacobs bag so I had to tell myself no. My love for shoes will never die.
Whats your favourite?
Who else uses bloglovin?
If so add me and let me know, I’ll add you onto mine. I could really do with some more blogs to read :)
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5 Responses to This Weeks Wish List

  1. kirsty says:

    wow i seriously want everything xxx

  2. I am the exact same way, I always want to shop more once I have been cut off, haha.
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

  3. Fatiha says:

    Totally agree with, “My love for shoes will never die”
    Following you now on bloglovin dear!


  4. Roberta says:

    great wishlist! my favourite are..the asos blu dress and the Diana Von Furstenburg shoes and the Miu Miu suede! the best!

  5. Kate says:

    Oooh, I’ve been eyeing up that ASOS dress myself, it’d look great on a night out.

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