Indian Summer

Sadly the summer is coming to a close and Autum is just around the corner. It seems a lot of people are looking forward to cooler nights, woolly jumpers and aviator jackets. I however am not. I hate the cold, and needing to wear 2 pairs of socks and 3 jumpers in bed (unfortunately I live in an attic which means hot summers and cold cold winters). Despite the arrival of September, it’s been beautiful weather in Manchester over the last few days. It’s a shame i’ve missed most of it. The only thing I appriciate about the colder weather is being able to wear tights again. I’ve also given up the fake tan so my alabaster skin is on its way back!
Outfit: blazer – gap, top – forever21, shorts – miss selfridge, tights – h&m, shoes – kurt geiger
I have a whole drawer full of tights, although I don’t wear my bright pink ones anymore. I’ve always hated the colour of my legs, and despite my best efforts to give them a tan they’ve always remained sickingly white. I’ve never fully been able to accept my skin tone, despite the comeback of porcelain models. Ho hum….
On another note, I recently watched the second Sex and The City movie again. I was completely disappointed with it the first time round and you can read my review here which was reaffirmed this time around too. Ugh gutted. I’ve watched the DVD’s and the first movie countless times but i’ll shock myself if I ever go near that film again. Bad Bad Bad.
Bring on the weekend!
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9 Responses to Indian Summer

  1. helena says:

    Wow love those tights ♥

  2. Emzu says:

    Absolutely love your outfit!

  3. Kate says:

    Oooh, I do love those tattoo tights. They edge up a classic look of trust denim & stripes.

  4. shishi says:

    I like this outfit, but maybe the print of the tights doesn’t go with stripes. I like very much the jacket ( I’m sorry for my english, I’m Italian )

    • gembear says:

      i love it that you’re the first person to tell me you think i’ve made a bad outfit choice. you’re right, sticking those tights with the stripes was dodgy, but i wanted to take a risk instead of going for plain black tights. your english is great :)

  5. Vicky says:

    I love your tights! You look amazing,

  6. the lace tights go so great with the boots :)

  7. Fatiha says:

    Gosh i used to wear this really hot pink tights too and i thought it was cool, until i grew up. And hey, i think your skin colour is really nice. You should try to embrace it…


  8. Alyse says:

    I just found your blog and I love it! I’m subscribing.

    Also, you have a very striking face.

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