I heart TEA.

I’ve had a very strange day today. Firstly, I decided to wear my blue wedges that I’ve had for 4 years whilst I did some errands. They decided to hate my feet, which resulted in me walking barefoot around Chorlton until I could get my hands on some blister plasters (band aids for you Americans). Errgh disgusting. Secondly, I then drove into town for more errands and discovered I didn’t have my wallet with me. I came home and mass panic set in when I couldn’t find it. I cancelled my card straight away (my roomie had her wallet stolen last weekend & someone tried to steal £350 from her account within 5 mins!) and then ended up at The Trafford Centre with my savings debit card instead (not good). I came home and my roomie had found my wallet in the bathroom! Bizzare! Even if I had lost that wallet, there was no money in it and thankfully my driving licence, credit card etc etc were all in my Dior wallet (I seriously would have searched the streets if i’d lost that).
So after spending all day running around, I just want to chill this evening so i’ve decided to watch BIG with Tom Hanks :)
Oh, and show off my new bedding…
How amazing is this bag?! £1 from a charity shop.
Stuffing my face with a cupcake!
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14 Responses to I heart TEA.

  1. Alyse says:

    Oh gosh! What a struggle of a day! Why does it seem like one thing goes wrong, the rest of the day just snowballs?

  2. Rachel says:

    Nice cushions. And that bag is incredible… jealous!

  3. Gillian says:

    The bag is gorgeous, I love charity shop bargains!
    Argh what a nightmare! At least you found your wallet again in the end, I think I would probably cry if I lost mine haha.

  4. phuong says:

    You look so cute!

  5. whoa?! tell us again how much the bag costs? AWESOOOME!!

  6. merissa says:

    oh my word. that bag is incredible.


  7. ryan says:

    What a struggling day, on the bright side your red lipstick is rocking!

  8. ryder says:

    u s stunning
    u look as a mix of dorothea barth jorgenon and avril lavigne

  9. Kate says:

    love your cup!:)

  10. isabel says:

    im glad you found your wallet!

  11. Love that bag, its gorgeous! SarahD:)

  12. im in love with your closet/shoe rack going on in the back! and i love that satchel purse! super cute

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