Hello boots, we meet again.

The colder weather is on it’s way, along with the rain. Definitely not my idea of a good time. I’ve broken out my winter boots to keep my feet warm and dry. Do any of you with skinny legs find buying a pair of boots an utter nightmare? Because I do. They never fit around my legs and leave big gaps that make the boots like more like wellies! I have to wear socks to sort the problem out.

OUTFIT: Dress – boohoo.com, Cardigan – gifted, Tights – topshop, Boots – aldo
I went to Liverpool last weekend and the whole experience was amazing! However, due to the fact I hardly drink these days I seem to get really bad hangovers that last two days! We stayed in a Hilton hotel, and drank lots of wine, did a little bit of shopping and generally loved the Liverpudlian chat. Good times!
This weekend i’m in Dublin. I’ve never been to Ireland before so i’m really looking forward to it, but so long as I feel better as I’ve been off work today due to not feeling well :(
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8 Responses to Hello boots, we meet again.

  1. Alyse says:

    I have that problem with boots all the time! What’s the diameter of your calves? It’s a nightmare to find ankle boots, too. All the cute ones look like clogs around my skinny ankles.

    • gembear says:

      oh i don’t know the diameter but my ankles are tiny too! i can’t even run for long because they start hurting. ankle boots are a total nightmare. i love them and admire people that can wear them but i just can’t :(
      i feel your pain!

  2. MelRod says:

    I absolutely love your outfit! Totally my style.



  3. Sharon says:

    Hi Gem. :D

    I actually have the opposite problem with boots. I have “shapely” calves, so it’s hard for me to find boots that fit over them. Real leather boots work the best for me, because I can get them stretched out, or they will eventually loosen up with wear. Jeffrey Campbell just sent me an awesome pair of boots (Shaw) and they are snug, but I know a few more uses, it’ll be perfect.

    Well, you look adorable in this out. The boots don’t look bad at all on you. Will be back for a visit again! Keep up the great blog.

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. Really cute outfit. Love your dress. :)SarahD

  5. Emma says:

    I have the same problem with boots! I love your outfit, the floral dress gives a perfect pop to the outfit!


  6. Abigail Ny says:

    love the outfit and that cardigan is lovely, love how it looks, especially the way you paired it!!


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