In Between Lights.

OUTFIT: skirt – primark, top – h&m, tights – primark
HELLO beautiful Manchester weather! This last week has been stunning but unfortunately I was in work for most of it. This weekend however, I spent as much time as I could outside and it was hot! I actually had to take my cardigan off, but I’m not complaining. I bought the skirt in this post last weekend and i can’t stop wearing it! It was in gray too but I hardly have any pink clothes and I figured I should break the mould. It’s so pretty and has two layers of lace as well as another layer of lining underneath. You really wouldn’t think it was from Primark and i’ve had compliments on it all weekend. Primark though, HI EXPENSIVE. Okay – compared to topshop it’s still cheap but it is getting more expensive and generally – the quality of the clothes is still the same. Buttttt you can still find some great bargins and I’d much rather go there than pay ££££ everywhere else. What do the rest of you brits think?
Also, I’ve used eyeshadow for the first time in a long time today, but kept it basic as you can see. I really need to experiment more with my eyes, I always go for the same thing. However, I bought some amazing lipsticks today (one a purpley/dark red colour) and I can’t wait to try them out. So watch this space!


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6 Responses to In Between Lights.

  1. Kate says:

    Oh my, I LOVE this outfit. Well done for breaking the pink mould. I adore that skirt. I’ve been looking for a perfect pink skirt like that for a long time & have gone through many incarnations that haven’t quite cut the mustard so I’ll be excited to trawl through my local Primark next payday to see if I can find it :] it goes so well with the polka dot top too!

  2. Sarah C says:

    I adore this look. Black and pink are really cute together and I really like the shape of this skirt.

  3. Greer says:

    that blouse! oh its wonderful! i love polkadots. x

  4. you’re very pretty in the first picture! overall the outfit is pretty, i like it much!

  5. You loook sooo gorgeous!!!
    And totally like Coco Rocha!!! WOWWOWee!!!
    Love love love the polka dot on polka dot!!! Soo smashing!!!
    xo Big kisses xo
    Beckerman Girls

  6. I love this look!! The polka dots and the pink skirt make the whole outfit so feminine. Adorable honey!

    menina elegante

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