I Heart Primarni!

I’ve pretty much accepted that Primark is the place I shop most in nowadays. It’s cheap, there’s lots of variety and if I don’t like what I’ve bought in a few months – no biggie. I’ve even had to stop myself buying items of clothes in there the last couple of times i’ve been. I never go into Topshop anymore, it’s just too darn expensive and the quality isn’t THAT much better. I’d rather get up early, head into town and go straight to Primark for some spendage (also in an effort to avoid the masses of people and mess that ensues).  When it comes to clothes, I’ve never been bothered about buying designer pieces. I’d much rather blow masses amount of money on shoes, a bag or wallet (hiiii Christian Louboutin & Christian Dior). So I have noticed that at least one Primark item will be worn by me every day. Is this a good or bad thing? Maybe I should use my money on one item that will last forever instead of a bunch of clothes i’ll just throw out. Nevertheless, when it comes to the highstreet… I know where you’ll find me.
Todays outfit – or actually Thursdays, I wore my first ever wool dress. When it comes to these types of dresses, i’m not very keen because they normally cling to me in all the wrong places and make it obvious that I have no ass. This time however, I decided to roll with it. Plus this dress is thick enough to cover up every bump you don’t want people to see and it’s hella comfortable! When it gets even colder i’ll layer it with vests underneath and thick wooly tights or leggings. Also, I wore my new lipstick and it’s a colour i’ve NEVER worn before through fear of looking too vampish! What do you think?

OUTFIT: Dress – Primark, Tights – Primark
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3 Responses to I Heart Primarni!

  1. Whoa.. you look really good. And the new lipstick suits you just fine. Besides, the vampire craze is here to stay so why not jump on the bandwagon. ;)

  2. Alyse says:

    I don’t think the lipstick is too vampy at all. I love dark lipsticks! This is a really hot look for you!

  3. Erica Belle says:

    Just found your blog :) I think I agree with you…when it comes to clothing, unless its a statement piece that’s going to last forever (like a leather jacket or something of the sort) I’d much rather spend money on designer shoes or purses.

    I like this dress on you, it’s very flattering. I have a wool dress myself but I have yet to figure out how to make it look good on me!

    Classy and Delicious

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