My week with pictures.

Oh what a busy week it has been! Apart from the usual working in the day thing I do, I’ve had lots of plans during the evening too. Firstly, last week I watched Frankie Boyle live which I was SOOO excited about because he’s one of my favourite comedians! Not many people can hack his humour but I love it. He was just as outragous as I expected, but I loved it. The next night I went to a Halloween house party dressed as a fairy and I got too drunk. I was still hungover when I took my Mum and Nana to Liverpool for a day of a shopping two days later. This week I’ve been testing my new found cookery skills again and I’ve invited friends over to sample my food for me. It’s all about trial and error, and everytime i’ve made something new, i’m instantly planning how I can make it better next time.
Pork Sausage & Sundried Tomato Pies

I made two batches, and took the second into work the next day for myself and my workmates to eat. I enjoyed the second batch more… mostly because I hadn’t slaved over them for ages before I ate them and also because I took them out of the oven a little sooner than the first. I should have cut one open so you can see the filling, but trust me they were amazing. I bought myself an apron from Laura Ashley seeing as i’m finding myself making a mess frequently.
Friday was Bonfire Night here in England so myself and my friend Chris went to Plattfields Park to watch the amazing fireworks. It really hit me how cold it is now and how much colder it’s going to get. I love wearing my mac coat and wooly hat, but I don’t love freezing toes and fingers.

We then came back to my flat and I made us our dinner, following a recipe out of a Marks & Spencers cookbook i’ve had since forever but never used. I made this again tonight for myself and my roomie because I didn’t get it exactly right the first time – trial and error!
Spiced Risotto Cakes with Mango and Cream Cheese

with sweet potato covered in smoked paprika and fine beans.
However, i’m taking a rest from cooking now as it’s an expensive and timely business! Tomorrow my roomie is making a lasagna for our dinner, which i’m muchly excited about as I love italian.
I also ordered my Christmas Party dress this weekend from asos. The dress I really wanted I decided not to get as it was far too expensive and i’d probably never wear it again. I hope when this one arrives, it’s as lovely as it looks online because you never know… but I have over a month to send it back and pick something else if i’m not happy.
To finish off, here is what I wore today.

OUTFIT skirt – primark, shirt – h&m, waistcoat – topshop (very old), tights – h&m, shoes – peacocks,                bag – primark!

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7 Responses to My week with pictures.

  1. Greer says:

    what a wonderful week.

  2. Samantha says:

    The food looks delicious! And cute outfit! :o)


  3. carlinn says:

    So pretty! i love your outfit and food posts! :)

  4. mookxi says:

    Ahh the food looks delicious ! I remember a time when my house mate used to cook for me. Now she’s moved out and my sister has moved in and she can’t cook *cries*. It’s very sad. But yes, cooking is generally quite time consuming but it’s I also love cooking for my friends ;-) In regards to the trial and error thing, I usually leave a post-it note next to the recipe I’ve done with notes on if I liked it, what can be improved etc ! Maybe that’ll be helpful to you ^^

    I love the stockings & the brogues ;-D

  5. kirsty says:

    great post – the food looks yummy i think i may give it a try xxxxxxx

  6. whathappensafter5 says:

    Those pies look delicious!!

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