New Foundation

For the last two years my foundation of choice has been Estee Lauder Double Wear (Ecru) and it has never faulted me. With a nasty price tag of £28 it isn’t cheap, but it is worth it and I have since converted 3 friends to this product. I normally buy a new one every 5-6 months so it does last a long time but then again I find I only need to use the tinest amount each time to give me enough coverage. The last time I needed some more, I accidentally bought the wrong colour (Pale Almond) which wasn’t quite right. Instead of exchanging it, I just bought another in my normal shade and kept the previous as my everday or work foundation. On Friday it ran out so I decided to get a cheaper foundation to use everyday, and I’d heard good things about Revlon Photoready (Vanilla) so I decided to give it a whirl! Recently I haven’t bothered wearing any foundation at all during working hours, but with winter setting in and my skin becoming paler I figured I need some colour on my face otherwise I’d look dead. Now i’ve only used it today, but I haven’t left my flat all day nor put any other make up with it – literally just the foundation but I needed 3 times the amount to give me good coverage compared to the Double Wear. To be honest, I could have done with using a bit more. The Double Wear is thick, which means I only need a small amount but it evens out on my skin brilliantly. The Revlon Photoready was very watery in comparison, which meant I needed more to make my face look even. Not a great start! Nevertheless, I’ll actually be leaving my flat tomorrow so i’ll use it in the morning and then see how it stands when I get home in the evening. Thankfully, I still have plenty of Estee Lauder left which I will continue to use for more special occasions.
As there was a 3 for 2 deal on in Superdrug on all Revlon products, I thought it would be silly of me not to take them up on their offer, right…..RIGHT?! Yes, i’m glad you agree. So I bought this nude eyeshadow pallet which I will try tomorrow and Vixen 570 nailvarnish. The nail varnish is a lovely colour and goes on very easily. Not too thick and not too watery. I tend to only buy either Rimmel or Barry M nailvarnish and they last me 5 days before I notice any chips so i’ll find out soon how this one compares!
I’m very basic when it comes to make-up, in fact I only started using eyeshadows a couple of months ago. My basic routine is foundation, bit of bronzer/blush, black eyeliner, mascara and either pink or red lipstick. As much as I love the natural look, I feel it’s time I started experimenting!
In other news, I’ve booked a trip to Edinburgh with my friend Chris. We’re going for four days inbetween Christmas and New Year. The last time I went it was with my family so i’m sure this will be a very different experience!
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5 Responses to New Foundation

  1. Beth says:

    Hey, I only wear false lashes on nights out, I don’t think I’ve worn them in any of my blog pics, certainly not any recent ones! To be honest i spend ages put mascara on so that may be the reason lol
    I’m hoping to try both of those foundations soon:) xx

  2. Rebecca Mae says:

    i’m a complete lover of rimmel & barry m nail polish too :) ! pretty much the only brands i ever buy.
    i rarely wear foundation, in fact i pretty much only wear it when i’m going out at night! normally i only bother with eyeliner, mascara, concealer + vaseline. probably should start wearing more but i’m lazy & don’t want to make my skin bad!
    love B. X

  3. kirsty says:

    love your blog thanks so much fir sharing xxxxx

  4. Hilal says:

    I use the same foundation from Estee Lauder. It’s the most amazing one I ever used! I am in love with it! Did you know they have a concealer too?
    Come follow me I will follow back!


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