Black Panther

OUTFIT: dress – freds boutique (chorlton), cardigan – warehouse, tights – primark, coat – vintage
This was my outfit today. Apologies for the bad quality photos but I got home late and all the natural light had gone. I hate using the flash! I wore my nans old coat for the first time today and it kept me so warm! I’ve never been a fan of anything fluffy but after wearing this I found myself drawn to all the fur coats in the shops today! I tried on this coat and LOVED it (minus the belt). My nan offered to buy it but I couldn’t let her spend £60 on me, she treats me enough already. I also saw another white faux fur coat in Topshop that was stunning but had an even hefter price tag of £95! I think I may be addicted… :) My dress is from a local shop where I live and everything in it is amazing and great value! That dress was only £20. I’ve bought a couple of things from there, but I rarely go because it is dangerous for my bank balance. But if you are every hanging around Chorlton in Manchester you should really check it out!
Tomorrow night I am going to The Comedy Club to see Greg Davies (Mr Gilbert from The Inbetweeners). I didn’t even know he did standup comedy but my friend bought us tickets! I really want to see more live comedy, I always have so much fun whenever I do. Next weekend is going to be sooo exciting! I have Harry Potter on Friday, Saturday i’m going to Forever 21 in Birmingham with laura which I am looking forward to a ridiculous amount (i’m going to spend SO much) and that evening i’m having a meal with some friends because they’re going to live in Australia for a year!
Anyway, time for a cup of tea and the new Company magazine.
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5 Responses to Black Panther

  1. Fatiha says:

    Looking great! Don’t worry about the photos, they turn out fine to me. (:

  2. Emma says:

    What a great coat, you look lovely. I’ve got a v.similar faux fur one (vintage), which only cost me £25! It’s proper nice, too – was chuffed when I found it!

    Hope you had a good time at the gig; I love going to see comedy, it’s such a fun, inexpensive night out, and living in London as made it all the easier! x

  3. Modafobik says:

    You are sooo luck, i wanna see Greeeg :/ ! Live comedy shows are really good! and funny of course :) I love your styleee, especially the sentetic fur! Also i love your sweetie smile. I’ll follow you, maybe you can follow me back ha? :)

  4. OwnTheRunway says:

    we are loving that fur on you ! And we didnt know Greg Davis did stand up in Manchester ! we need to get ourselves down there!

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