I’ve been very busy lately, except for the last couple of days because i’ve been ill with a cold :( But i’m slowly starting to feel better. First and foremost, I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 last Friday evening and it was amazing! The best movie so far and I have a feeling the last one will be even better! I really want to talk about my favourite parts but I don’t want to spoil it for you if you’re reading this and you haven’t seen it yet. On Saturday I got up bright and early to drive down to Birmingham to meet Laura so we could check out the new Forever21 store (you know, cause i’ve never mentioned that shop before…) and it didn’t disappoint me. I wanted so much! I kept putting tons of stuff into my shopping bag then I had to go through everything at the end and decide what I really wanted (I wanted it all). I keep going on the website to look at these boots which I tried on and really liked but I couldn’t really afford them. Hello payday tomorrow! Hmmm I should still be good though, with Christmas and Edinburgh on it’s way next month.

3 levels of goodness! That evening I went to see off two of my friends who are moving to Australia next month. We met up for a meal and some drinks, but I was so exhausted from being up so early and driving all day that I was home in bed by 2am. However, I wore my Warehouse dress I bought on sale last month and was DYING to wear at some point!

Then on Sunday I went dog walking on Crosby Beach with Chris and Kira, but not before seeing the new puppy Loki! Who definitely lives up to his name! Such a little cutie, he kept biting everything that went near his mouth. But he was so tiny! I can’t believe he will be even bigger than Kira when he grows up. I was also wearing my new Forever21 scarf that I never take off (seriously, i’m wearing it right now) and my grey trousers which I love and intend to buy more in different colours as soon as I can.

Kira <3 she is amazing. So friendly and funny, nearly everyone who comes into contact with her comes bounding over to give her a stoke.
The weather has really taken a turn for the worse this week and it will only get much much colder! I’ve spend the last two days off work with a cold, and had the heating on full blast with woolly pj’s, dressing gown and slippers and i’ve still been freezing. Endless cups of tea ahoy! I’m going to do nothing this weekend, just relax and try and kick off this horrid cold once and for all! I can’t wait.
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6 Responses to Jampacked!

  1. Emma Jade says:

    Great post! I love the forever 21 store I went the other day and spent two and a half hours in there.. still didn’t get round it all!

  2. chelsea says:

    looveee all these photos! you are super pretty, love that forever 21 :) your dog is so cute too!


  3. becca says:

    you look so pretty in that white lace dress!


  4. Maddy says:

    i love your blog, you are too adorable! this dress is lovely ♥

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