Adjust your makeup.

As previously mentioned in my last post, i’ve been messing around with my makeup recently. I still have a few more ideas I want to try, but I cannot be bothered spending too much time (if any) on makeup during the weekday mornings before work. As a rule, I don’t care how I look at work and I’d probably wear a bin bag. Out of work hours however, I like to get more creative. So, to the point… but first! Let me just point out i’m no make up guru! I’ve only just started getting more into make up so this is really just an account of my attempts.

I used two purple and one pink shades here. All Barry M – 32, 34 and 88. I used the darkest purple shade on the outside corner of the lid and the lighest on the inside.  Then on the crease of my lid where my eye opens I blended in a dark pink. Before I use any eyeshadow, I use a Primer – I have one by No.7 – Stay Perfect Brightening Eye Base. It really does work! It helps the shadow stick to the lid and stops creasing. My shadow was still perfect at the end of the day when I took my make up off. Whenever I use eye shadow, I always use a very light shadow on my brow bone (is that the correct term? i dunno!) basically underneath my eyebrows to blend into the shadow so the colour doesn’t just stop suddenly at the top of my eyes. I hate being too dramatic! I always use Ivoy – Estee Lauder which is amazing and comes in a cute little box with a mirror. I love all the make up from Estee Lauder it’s always so well presented. I should have taken pictures of my make up really shouldn’t I? However my camera is dead because I forgot to charge it and my phone camera is rubbish!
Ivoy eyeshadow by Estee Lauder
As you can see? Anyway, I love purple eyeshadow mostly because that’s my favourite colour but I just feel so cute and girly. I don’t like feeling TOO girly so pink is normally out with me but purple is like a nice middle ground. I actually forgot to put on mascara before I took those pictures but I swear by False Lash Effect by Maxfactor! What do you think?
I kinda went a bit mental here and completely left my comfort zone. Lots of blue!!! Again Barry M 23 and 78 one very dark and light blue, with the lighter shade on the inside of the eye and in the crease blended with the dark blue on the outside and again Ivoy brushed across the top. This time I also put the two shades under my eye with some black eyeliner smudged around the lash line. I have blusher on here too which I think makes this a bit too clownish but I already had the blusher on before I opted for dark eyes. OOPSIE.

Finally, we have RED! Yes for realz. I don’t know what possesd me to buy red eyeshadow, I guess I felt a bit dare devilish because I really didn’t know how i’d work it. I gave it a try here with a dark pink eyeshadow with the red on the outside of my lid – can you see a pattern forming? Ha. I actually really loved this look but as strange as it sounds I didn’t have a clue what clothes to wear with it! In the end I opted for stripes and a blue skirt as you can see here just an array of colours really. Again, Barry M 84 and 32. Yes I do swear by Barry M – £5 for a pot that lasts forever? Cya MAC!
Anyway I have a few more ideas to try out yet so this isn’t the end but what do you think so far? I’ve had mixed reactions from friends and generally boys always say but girls look so much better with hardly any make up but that’s just boring and they’re lying. When it comes to make up I normally run things past my friend Laura because despite her protests she knows nothing about make up, she’s actually a genius and has tried double the amount of brands I have. So which out of the three is your favourite?
  • Foundation – Estee Lauder in Ecru mixed with Revlon Photoready in Vanilla
  • Concealer – Maxfactor Mastertouch (does me for now instead of Touche Eclat because i’m skint)
  • Mascara – Maxfactor False Lash Effect
  • Blush – Bobbi Brown shade Peony
  • Eyeliner – Clinque
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10 Responses to Adjust your makeup.

  1. Alyse says:

    Yeah, we’ve all heard it. Blah, blah, blah, girls look better without makeup.

    But it’s so much fun! My favorite look is the one with the red eyeshadow. I’ve always wanted to do something like that. I don’t have enough lid space like you to wear the colors the same way, though.

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see more.


  2. you’re so creative! I love it! You look stunning with everything! I would never dare to put red or such pink on my eyes but with you it looks gorgeous!!

    Lovely blog by the way:)happy I ran into it!
    im your newest follower!
    hope you visit and follow back!
    that would we amzing:)


    have a fabulous day!

  3. Sara says:

    thats all i can say !

  4. becca says:

    gorgeous makeup, you look beautiful!


  5. annebeth says:

    boys are stupid. The blue is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous on you, and I quite like the red too! amazing skills, girl! I feel like eyeshadow looks silly on me because I have too much space between my eye and my eyebrown, thus putting on eyeshadow always makes my face look overly made up :(

  6. wow, you outta do a make up tutorial on a video blog or something! :D

  7. Ahhh make up experiments is fun right! Been doing it but i’m too much of a coward to photograph my attempts. Yours however is thumbs up!

  8. Beckydazzler says:

    The blue looks fantastic on you!! x

  9. I love the blue on you! Really brings out your eyes (as they say!)

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